Halski provides Security solutions that extend protection across all physical, virtual and cloud environments to ensure end to end protection.  We take a layered approach to Security with our highly skilled experts to provide the best solutions.

We invest in the latest Cyber-Security tools, implement best practices and add next generation data backups to ensure downtime and threats are minimized.   

We offer many data protection services, including:

  •         Endpoint security
  •         Antivirus
  •         Malware detection / prevention
  •         Ransomware detection / prevention
  •         Vulnerability assessments
  •         Cyber threat analysis / monitoring


Your best defense against an attack is knowing ahead of time where your weaknesses lie within your technology infrastructure. Our team has developed state-of-the-art security assessment protocols that can fully evaluate your system and uncover any weaknesses prior to an attack.  Once we know your system’s weaknesses, we can work with you to establish a secure line of defense that puts your mind at ease and fortifies your system from future threats. With our secure systems and antivirus monitoring tools, you can keep track of any vulnerabilities and be consistently informed about the status of your security.

We provide our clients with immediate access to the innovative cyber defense solutions you need for your business to succeed. We work closely with you to develop a proactive security approach that serves your company’s unique needs.