Halski operates on the belief that the network is the backbone for all the functions and communications of an enterprise. Networking should accommodate a wide range of variability through availability, scalability, performance, flexibility, and security.

Smart devices, smart assets, machines, and people (the Internet of Things) are all interconnected and producing a massive amount of potentially valuable business data. In the recent past, enterprises were not able to use such substantial quantities of data in a meaningful way. Currently, technology like in-memory computing, cloud, advanced analytics, and mobile have made it feasible to use these new data sources to operate smarter and make operational decisions in real time.

Networking priorities of paramount importance include:

  • performance that exceeds expectations
  • maximizing continuity of services
  • reducing costs
  • simplify and clarify processes
  • maximizing security
  • developing a virtualized operating environment that results in a reduction of IT resources so those resources can be invested elsewhere
  • giving your employees access to company resources 24/7/365 from any location through enterprise mobility
  • support communications and collaboration applications
  • giving you flexibility and confidence in procurement options through strategic sourcing
  • support your sustainability initiatives by reducing travel, energy and waste across your business