How To Protect Yourself From Mobile Malware

With cybersecurity chatter on the rise, one important device is absent from the conversation. The computer you use most often and probably carry in your pocket, your smartphone. Smartphones have become valuable as targets for malware because they are more capable and less protected. It is important to realize the severity of these attacks, as… More >

Social Engineering and Cyber Security

Social Engineering is the art of manipulating people to give up confidential information or break normal security measures. The attacker’s goal is to gain access to your network, systems, accounts, or other devices where private information may be held. Cybercriminals use social engineering tactics because it is easier to exploit your natural inclination to trust… More >

What Is A VCIO And Why Does My Business Need One?

VCIO stands for virtual chief information officer. Essentially, a VCIO is an outsourced IT service that can manage every part of your business’s technology needs. Furthermore, using a VCIO will get you to better IT results at a fraction of the cost for hiring an on-site CIO. Let’s explore the benefits. Scale back your operating… More >

Busted! 4 Managed Service Myths Debunked

Thanks to technology, the IT landscape is always changing! Engineers who were once reactive are now strategizing ways they can leverage technology to support a growing business. The question we must answer is “How can technology make your business better, faster, safer, cheaper?” The pressure to keep up and stay innovative is a huge responsibility… More >

Halski Systems Donates Computers to J’s Place

  On Friday, March 1st Halski Systems donated computers to the newly opened Jeffrey Dallas Gay Jr. Recovery Center, referred to as J’s Place. The center’s namesake is that of Jeffrey Dallas Gay Jr. who tragically passed away from an overdose. Executive Director Mary Paglia and Board Member Brandon Nix sat down with us in… More >