5 Tips to Keep Consumer Data Safe During the Christmas Shopping Season

Data, security, and breach are three of the biggest buzzwords in the technology industry. Hearing and seeing of a data breach incites a collective shudder from many consumers. Just the thought of it happening to them is enough to cause worry. What’s even worse? It is all too common to see a headline about a… More >

5 Ways That Technology Changes Business & How It Affects You

Business men and women are taught to follow traditional business principles. Think linear, listen to the consumer, focus on profits, invest in research and development, and many more components that make up the formula for success. Several leaders who have followed these principles have found their way to being CEO’s and running successful companies. A… More >

How Technology Has Changed Our Lives For The Better

Throughout the years, technology has changed our perspective of the world. Modern technology supplies us with amazing resources that alter the way we live our everyday lives. Every human living in the western world has experienced technology as a utility. From devices such as smartwatches and phones, we are now living more efficient lives. The… More >

Skip The Lines With Amazon Go’s Newest Technology

A Technological Storefront First, Amazon changed the way that we shop online, now they are changing the way that we shop in store. Amazon Go is giving shoppers a glimpse into the future. The store front first opened in Seattle, Washington early this year featuring items that can be found in many convenience stores. You… More >