How To Protect Yourself From Mobile Malware

With cybersecurity chatter on the rise, one important device is absent from the conversation. The computer you use most often and probably carry in your pocket, your smartphone. Smartphones have become valuable as targets for malware because they are more capable and less protected.

It is important to realize the severity of these attacks, as well as how to avoid them. Smartphones are the hub of our lives. They often house our most coveted accounts and information. It only makes sense that cybercriminals would turn their focus to mobile devices.Phone infected with malware

Protect Your Smartphone

Keeping your mobile device secure against malware means adopting a few easy rules

  • Install system and app updates as soon as they become available from the official app store; this will keep your smartphone protected against potential vulnerabilities.
  • Only download applications from the official app store that your device uses. On iOS that would be the App Store, on Android that would be the Google Play Store.
  • Be wary of public Wi-Fi as it is often unsecured.
  • Always ignore spam email, text message, and phone calls. Responding makes it possible for a hacker to install malware on your device.


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