What Is A VCIO And Why Does My Business Need One?


VCIO stands for virtual chief information officer. Essentially, a VCIO is an outsourced IT service that can manage every part of your business’s technology needs. Furthermore, using a VCIO will get you to better IT results at a fraction of the cost for hiring an on-site CIO. Let’s explore the benefits.

Scale back your operating costs

By employing the services of a VCIO, you can reap the benefits of a CIO without the extra costs. The average salary for a CIO is $140,000 plus benefits such as insurance, retirement, and vacation time. That is not an expense that most small to medium businesses can afford. By using a VCIO, you will not pay an annual salary, provide benefits, or provide office space. Everything is done virtually, and the cost savings are great!

Increase Productivity

When you hire a VCIO, you no longer have to worry about managing your business’s IT again. This allows business owners to focus on other important aspects of the company. Saving time allows you to be more productive in building the business that you are passionate about.

Establish a proactive standard

Many small to medium-sized businesses are reactive when facing cyber-attack. Having a VCIO means that you can rest assured knowing that your business is on the defense against threats. Rather than scrambling to react to a problem, the VCIO proactively guards your company against falling victim in the first place.

Maximize your IT budget

VCIO’s will maximize your IT budget. They will analyze your current setup, business goals, and recommend what technology to keep or replace. Additionally, the VCIO will advise you on what new hardware, software, or other technology to help reach those goals while staying within the budget.

Benefit from customized advice

The VCIO has the resources to assess the situation and make informed decisions on where money should be allocated. They can tell you what is aging or needs to be replaced and what costs to expect over the course of a year.

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