Top 5 Tech Tips That Every Person Should Follow

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There are always things that we know we should be doing, but just don’t! Whether it be taking out the trash versus cramming more stuff on top of an already full bag or getting more exercise even when the couch is calling your name! Unfortunately, practicing good tech habits tends to fall into this category.

The number one thing to know is that good tech habits are not just for IT professionals. These tips can keep you safe, save you money, and help avoid any frustrated calls to your IT department.

Check out our top 5 tips!

  1. Google is your best friend! If you need help troubleshooting a minor issue or an easy setup, we swear by Google! Trade secrets aside, Google is the best tool if you are searching for a way to fix your computer troubles.
  2. Use Secure Passwords. We cannot stress this enough. If you think that your dog’s name is secret enough, think again! Other practices include using different passwords for different accounts and not allowing your browser to remember your credentials.
  3. If something looks fishy, steer clear! Beware of scams on the internet and in your inbox. Often times these are cybercriminals’ phishing for personal information. It is best to only enter your information into forms that you trust.
  4. Stay organized. Computers have everything that you need to store and organize files. Many of us keep important documents on our computers and it is important that these are easy to find and retrieve.
  5. Back up your computer. We truly cannot say this enough! That is because when data loss occurs, backups ensure that you have all of your files. It is insanely easy and avoids a headache in case the unimaginable happens to you.

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