Top 6 Ways To Secure Your Smartphone

Smartphone usersAround 2.5 billion people use a smartphone. This device has allowed nearly the entire world to become mobile. You can now bank from your phone, communicate, work, and make purchases. The smartphone is a hub of private information that makes it the perfect target for cybercriminals. Check out Halski’s advice for keeping your private information secure on your personal device!

Tips for keeping your smartphone secure

  • Place a lock on your phone! It is so easy to do now that you hardly have to remember a password. Options such as Face ID and Thumbprint verification allow you to unlock your device in just a few seconds. This keeps you safe if ever you are away from your phone for any reason.
  •  Be wary of public Wi-Fi. If you sign into open-networks you are putting your device at risk for being hacked. Use your private cell phone service whenever possible.
  • Use two-factor authentication whenever you are able to. Even though most people think it is a pain, trust us it is worth it! Two-factor authentication is when you have to receive an additional code beyond the password to get you into your apps or email. It offers a fantastic extra barrier when accessing private information.
  • Ignore spam emails and text messages. Whatever you do, do not click on the links in suspicious messages. No matter what the message is prompting you to do, the best thing is to ignore it.
  •  Always back up your phone. If you break your phone or lose your phone any data that is not backed up will be lost. Aside from personal information, you could lose precious photos and documents.
  • There are antivirus apps for your smartphone just like when using a computer. We recommend that if you store lots of personal data or run your business from your phone that you download one. These apps can scan for threats in messages and files that you download.

The main thing to remember is that our smartphones have become a critical component of our businesses as well as the primary way that we use and store consumer data. It is so easy for hackers to target and steal information off of a smartphone or similar device. Make sure that you are prepared for the worst.

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