3 Security Trends That Should Make You Consider An MSP In 2019

cloud with lock insdeIt is no secret that by 2019, managed services have become the preferred provider of IT for businesses of all sizes. There are many reasons why business owners are turning to a Managed IT Service provider. Some well-known reasons are increased up-time, peace of mind, and cost-effectiveness. These are all remarkable benefits of using an MSP. The New Year is going to bring about some huge new security challenges.

Here are 3 new trends that should make you consider an MSP.

  1. Security, security, security, we cannot say it enough! In 2018 security was a huge buzzword and it is here to stay. Leaving your network unprotected and unsupported is equivalent to leaving your front door wide open. You are basically asking for a cyber-attack.  Contacting an expert is the first step to ensuring that an attack does not occur.
  2.  Compliance is a must in 2019, especially in industries such as legal and health. These industries deal exclusively with sensitive and personal information. Therefore, they must invest in an expert that understands the intersection of the field, the software, the information, and the regulations associated with each industry.
  3. Educating your users is now more vital than ever before. Security research proves that many hackers gain access through unknowing users inside of your business. Each employee should know how to avoid cyber-attacks. Once you have a top-notch security solution in place, allow the MSP to educate your users.


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