5 Reasons Why Halski is Focusing on Security in 2019

Data Security


In the world of data protection and digital security, 2018 was a monster. From the increasing list of businesses devastated by data breaches to scandals involving consumer data, it has been quite the year. We have good news and bad news to share. We know you want to hear the bad news first so, here it goes. The data landscape in 2019 is not likely to improve. We can expect to see more business fall victim to cyber-attack and more unethical use of data. The good news is that the beginning of 2019 will bring an opportunity to gain perspective and time to plan for staying on top of the data climate ahead. This year is a chance to pursue new initiatives and to transform your business into one that protects its data.

Here are five practices that will matter most for data protection in 2019.

You must have more security training for employees, contractors, and any user of your business’s network. This all-in approach is 100% necessary to protect your business from possible attack. There are few things that can derail a company’s goals quite like a data breach.

Be aware of external and internal threats. Emphasis is placed on external threats, however, many occasions of data breach point to the man or woman at their desk. Whether it be negligence or accidental sharing of malicious data. This problem is huge and actually accounts for nearly half of all data loss events.

Be in compliance with data privacy regulations. After all of the unethical behavior that was witnessed in 2018, many U.S. companies are calling for regulations on the use of user data. Make sure that you are in compliance with new and existing regulations

Have the right technology in place to monitor and identify threats in your network. It is important for all businesses to make security a priority in order to guard against internal and external threats. More technology is the answer to beating this technology-based problem.

The last and most important practice is to be proactive. Gone are the days where business owners can adopt an “It won’t happen to us” attitude. The longer you go unprotected the bigger the risk. If you do not have a system in place to protect your business from cyber-attacks stop what you are doing right now and submit a form here to get in contact with Halski Systems.

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