How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Customer Experiences

Three customer service workers on computersThe time of year has come where many business owners are assessing their goals for 2019. Staying on top of business trends is what allows companies to drive success. At the forefront of this year’s trends is consumer experience. Every sector of what a business does is centered on consumer experience. After all, the consumer is the group that decides a company’s value. Most recently, artificial intelligence, or AI, has made its way into the spotlight. AI seems to be the answer to improving many business processes, consumer experience included. AI’s are not replacing human interaction but enhancing it, especially in the world of online transactions. Below are some of that ways that artificial intelligence can improve the overall consumer experience

AI helps business’s deliver relevant experiences, usually without the consumer realizing that an AI was involved. For example, AI can record and analyze data much faster than people. This allows consumers to get more relevant offers much faster, overall creating more engagement.

AI creates a whole new world in terms of personalized experiences. AI can allow the consumer to make purchases with their face ID or fingerprint recognition. Consumers can also use the same technology to access their personal devices. The future of AI could allow every account you have to be linked to your fingerprint or face ID, allowing you to access and make purchases without ever having to grab your wallet.

AI can improve customer service exponentially. Though it cannot replace human interaction entirely, it can assist in answering more streamlined customer service questions. For example, AI would easily answer the question “What is the Wi-Fi password?” or “What Chinese restaurants are near me?” These answers are finite and do not require emotion or empathy. Customer service representatives would best answer questions such as, “Where should I take my wife for a romantic dinner?”

These are just a few of many ways that AI can be incorporated into a business to improve consumer experiences. Overall AI allows us to know more about our customers, optimize consumer data, improve retention, engagement, up-selling, cross-selling, and it allows us to have more customer touchpoints. It is very much a part of the current business environment. As the web continues to grow, AI will continue to aid in the improvement of consumer experience. A new bar has been set!

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