5 Things That We Are Thankful For!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It is the time of year to reflect and be thankful. Here at Halski, we have much to be thankful for but for today, we have picked five things to share with you. The number one thing that we are thankful for at Halski are our employees. Without them, nothing else would… More >

How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Customer Experiences

The time of year has come where many business owners are assessing their goals for 2019. Staying on top of business trends is what allows companies to drive success. At the forefront of this year’s trends is consumer experience. Every sector of what a business does is centered on consumer experience. After all, the consumer… More >

5 Tips to Keep Consumer Data Safe During the Christmas Shopping Season

Data, security, and breach are three of the biggest buzzwords in the technology industry. Hearing and seeing of a data breach incites a collective shudder from many consumers. Just the thought of it happening to them is enough to cause worry. What’s even worse? It is all too common to see a headline about a… More >