Spotlight On Our Field Services Team

Car that company usesHalski Systems uses a tiered system for dispatching engineers to solve your technical issues. Over 75% of all tickets are resolved through our Technical Assistance Center, also known as TAC Team. You can read more about them here. TAC is our first line of defense and they are great at what they do! However, not all tickets can be resolved remotely. So, what happens then?

In these instances, Halski deploys a member of our Field Services Team to provide you with an in-person solution. All of our field engineers are trained and certified in all of the proper courses. They are dispatched to the client’s location expeditiously whenever there is a problem that requires an in-person solution.

As a client, here is what you should expect when a Field Service Engineer is dispatched to your location

  • Polite & Professional Engineers
  • Very experienced
  • Results driven
  • Timely

We pride ourselves in being able to solve all of your technical issues in a timely and impactful manner. Field Services ensures that each client gets back up and running smoothly. Interested in minimizing your down-time? Give us a call at 770.536.2276 or submit a request here.


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