10 Things Young Professionals Need To Know

Out of 61.6 million working adults, 17.2 million of them are young professionals. That means that 28% of the workforce is just beginning to build their career. With so much ahead of them, it is important to remember that a career is a marathon not a sprint. Most marathon runners can finish in under 6 hours, most careers last about 35 years. At 25 years old, it is safe to say that the finish line is way out of sight. Impatience and discontent are easy traps to fall into. Read more in order to avoid the mistakes that other young professionals are making.

Own your mistakes

Fact of the matter is….mistakes happen! Own up to them instead of denying responsibility. It shows maturity and a willingness to learn from that mistake.

Leave on time

Unless there is an extenuating circumstance, you should be able to leave on time. Staying late in order to appear dedicated will back fire when you do not have enough to show for it.

Don’t Wait around

Follow instructions when they are given to you. When the task is done, do not sit around waiting on orders.

Call when you can

Emails are great for leaving a digital paper trail. But nothing beats the efficiency of a phone call.

Tune In

Stay as up-to-date as possible on your industry. Being able to speak about the latest developments in the industry shows that you are a savvy professional.

Stay Fresh

Avoid stagnation at all possible costs. Stay informed and interested in your own career. Find a mentor that you trust to guide you along your journey.

Trust your instincts

Many young professionals are eager to learn new things. This makes them great additions to any team. These same professionals may constantly second guess themselves making them appear weak.

Inclusion is key

Be an independent worker but, interact with your coworkers and bosses both in and out of the office. This makes you seem friendly and interested in growing your network.

Dig in to the hard work

Do not give up when things get tough. Be resourceful and work harder in order to achieve the things that you thought were impossible.


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