Skip The Lines With Amazon Go’s Newest Technology

A Technological Storefront

First, Amazon changed the way that we shop online, now they are changing the way that we shop in store. Amazon Go is giving shoppers a glimpse into the future. The store front first opened in Seattle, Washington early this year featuring items that can be found in many convenience stores. You may be asking, what is so special about a store? Well, Amazon Go offers a shopping experience like no other featuring no registers, no checkout lines, and no shopping carts. You simply come in, pick out what you want, and walk out.


How the technology works

The store does not have a typical entrance. When a shopper enters they must scan their unique app code on Automatic gates that resemble the ones in a subway. Once you are in the store Amazon can track the items that you pick up, pace in the bag, and even put back on the shelf. Shoplifting is virtually impossible considering that everything you leave the store with will be deducted from your bank account.

Despite the stores stylish appearance, shoppers are surrounded by technology. Every time a shopper picks up an item Amazon adds it to their virtual shopping cart, if they put the item back it is then removed from the shopping cart. Though Amazon will not reveal much about this technology, they will say that it involves computer vision and machine learning software. This means that Amazon can identify every item in the store without any chips being attached to each individual item. The technology sees each item and identifies it as it is being moved off the shelf, then places the item in the corresponding shopper’s cart.

For all the cashiers shaking in their boots, don’t worry. Amazon says that they are simply changing the role of their employees. While there are no cashier’s, technology cannot completely replace the need for some human interaction. For example, someone must check a customer’s I.D. before they can even take alcohol off of the shelf. Some employees restock shelves, some help shoppers find the items that they are looking for, and some prepare meals for sale in the store.


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