Top 5 B2B Marketing Trends That You Need To Know

How is B2B different?

The difference between marketing to a business and marketing to a consumer runs deep. Businesses and consumers are two different markets with two different sets of needs. Typically, businesses make a large effort to streamline their buying process. Their goal is to be more efficient. As a marketer, one should expect B2B buying decisions to be made based upon logic. The consumer buying process is based more on emotion. Recent trends are pointing to some interesting changes in the market of business consumers. Research shows that businesses are looking for a more personal feel. Check out some tips below on how to adapt to this ever changing market.

Trends to check out

  1. Be personable in every message. Use real pictures in digital and print pieces. Graphic design is the face of content marketing and there are endless options to humanize your brand. This can be achieved all the while staying informational and effective.
  2. Have an email newsletter. Ditch the stale, repetitive, cold, and automated nature of an email newsletter. Tell a story, differentiate your brand, and be personable. Find what will make your readers engage with your emails and stick with it. Many companies are sending out brand magazines through email instead of print.
  3. Remember that businesses are made up of people.Many B2B marketers make the mistake of treating businesses as their own entity. A business cannot think, feel, or speak for itself. It is the people inside that represent the company who matter. B2B customers wear many hats, have many personalities, and are many different faces.
  4. Get social! In the B2C world, social media takes center stage. Influencer marketing and social media are not off limits to B2B markets. Influencers in B2B are client testimonials and video case studies. Think outside the box on this one and your connections will pay off with tons more traffic. The same concept applies to social media platforms. Use the data provided for you by the site to find where your target market is and invest in that platform
  5. Consider ABM. Account based marketing is a strategy that focuses marketing efforts on targeted accounts within a specific market. Many businesses are capable of serving multiple markets and ABM makes that more achievable. 2018 is the year that marketers with be closer to understanding the market than ever before. ABM can help you achieve that along with a higher ROI.


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