Wireless Configuration

With wireless configuration from Halski Systems, your business can easily join the laptop revolution. We understand that the use of portable computers has greatly increased in recent years, and that has increased the need for worker mobility. These ever increasing demands of the business world have fuelled a growing need for wireless configuration.

Connection With No Boundaries

Wireless configuration provide all the benefits and resources of a standard network without the restraint of wires. And with the maturing of industry standards and the deployment of lightweight wireless networking hardware to a broader market section, wireless technology has come of age.

Site-to-Site WIreless Bridging 

Wirelessly connecting the networks within one office has become common, but many people are unaware that a wireless configuration can extend far beyond one building.

Connecting networks from multiple buildings using cable can be a time and money-consuming task. However, wireless configurations offer a quick and affordable way to establish secure, high-speed data connections between buildings.  

Wireless bridging is not only reliable, secure, and relatively simple to install, it can eliminate the cost of an extra leased line, act as an inexpensive data backhaul, and provide an emergency redundant communication link. And, Halski Systems can create wireless bridges for networks that are miles apart.

Let Halski Systems design and implement a wireless configuration for your business. Contact us today for more information on wireless network solutions.