Physical 2 Virtual

In today's world, computer networks are the life-blood of successful businesses and subsequently, servers are the heart. We rely heavily on the stability of our systems. For this reason, it is imperative we leverage experience and permanence when it comes time to upgrade to the latest hardware and technologies. We at Halski have extensive experience with taking a Physical server and migrating it to a Virtual machine (P2V). We also have ample experience with Physical to Physical (P2P), Virtual to Virtual (V2V), and Virtual to Physical (V2P). This flexibility allows your company to quickly migrate your business work-flow servers from older equipment onto new equipment with less downtime and less end user issues. When doing a major migration or just a simple move, doing business with Halski provides the peace of mind every business owner deserves.

At Halski Systems we support clients in software selection and implementation, migration services, performance considerations, security assessments, technology implementation and planning, mobile access, and inventory.

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