Kubota has been working with Halski for close to 10 years now. When we started working with Halski we had 3 servers and no Internet connection...they have helped us grow to house 50+ servers and connections to all over the world as well as to our sister facilities. Halski has designed numerous solutions for Kubota that were engineered for our specific situations, and ensured virtually 100% uptime for our manufacturing production environment.
Kevin Rainey
IT Director, Kubota Manufacturing of America
In order to provide our customers with the best possible service and reliability through Information Technology, we saw the need to engage a local high-end Networking and IT provider to assist us. Halski Systems proved their worth early on when one of our WatchGuard Firewalls interconnected to multiple county sites “bit the dust”. Halski quickly demonstrated their knowledge and support by deploying one of their Cisco ASA Firewall products, and reconnected all of our site-to-site VPN tunnels, bringing us back online in a half day.

Halski has been a valuable resource on the Microsoft technology side as well. They setup Active Directory and took 20+ sites that were all counting on resources from one location, and moved out multiple Domain Controllers to other sites and set them to rely on local resources. This action decreased bandwidth, and increased the amount of fault tolerance and redundancy for resources. They also setup and designed a 15 site replication topology for our remote sites, as well as SharePoint for our internal collaborations.

Halski continues to augment our internal IT staff today with level-2/3 support and Consulting Services.
David West
IT Director, Avita Community Partners
We have been a Halski Systems customer for over three years since they set up our entire network. They do excellent work and have very quick turnaround. Anytime I call, especially with an urgent need, they respond quickly and come out right away if necessary. We have found all their employees to be committed to a high level of customer service, and they are all very knowledgeable. I learn something from them every time they are on-site.
Laura Rockers
Artistic Pools
The first time I contacted Halski Systems with a support request illustrated a dramatic difference verses our previous IT provider. I emailed, and they emailed back. I went for a cup of coffee, and when I returned there was already someone in the office working on the issue. It was a total of about 5 minutes, which really demonstrated to me the benefit of having a local service provider.
Tracy Renaud
Turner, Wood & Smith Insurance
Halski Systems was instrumental in design and development of connecting our two GA campuses that are separated by over a mile when we opened our new campus in 2004. Since then we have added a campus in California that they connected so as to provide one seamless network between Georgia and California. Since 2004, we lost our staff IT support person and have contracted all services with Halski Systems from help desk to advanced network services including firewalls, wireless networks and SharePoint sites at all locations as well as VOIP service in California. Halski also maintains and supports the web hosting network and hardware for our multiple websites. They provide a friendly professional staff of quality trained engineers able to handle all requirements of maintaining a strong, viable, and of greatest importance, working network.
Tim Kernen
CFO, Free Chapel Worship Center