HaaS | Hardware as a Service

What is “HaaS”?

HaaS stands for “Hardware as a Service.” It’s an innovative, contemporary offering that eliminates the stress and expense of buying hardware. This affordable, managed solution is a rental agreement that combines maintenance and support with the latest technology.

Benefits of Leasing Hardware (as opposed to buying)

Aside from the convenience and affordability of having hardware as a service, there are many other benefits associated with leasing hardware (as opposed to buying it).

  • No Up-Front Capital – When you decide to use HaaS, you don’t need up-front capital.
  • Quick Implementation – Since you don’t need up-front capital, you can invest in great equipment quickly—avoiding a lengthy budget approval process.
  • Predictability – Not only does HaaS allow you to lower your operating costs, it also allows you to have predictable monthly expenses that are tax-deductible. If something goes wrong, you don’t have to worry. Maintenance and support are included in your contract. This allows you to mitigate the risk of surprise technology costs.
  • Completely Managed Service – From installation and monitoring to maintenance and support, we do it all. Having HaaS allows you to spend your time doing what you do best.
  • Simple & Protected – Having HaaS is simple and convenient. You never have to worry about your equipment or the security of your equipment. Someone else has it handled so you can spend your time and energy elsewhere.

Benefits of Owning the Contract (and not the equipment)

There are also many advantages to owning a HaaS contract, rather than owning equipment:

  • Always Have the Best Equipment – The technology industry is ever-changing. When you buy your equipment, you’re eventually left with outdated hardware. With HaaS, you have unlimited access to the best and newest equipment. You can swap out devices when you want to, without having to worry about depreciation or losing your hardware investment. And, there’s no risk in trying out cutting edge devices, as there are easy trial contracts that allow you to test equipment before extending the lease.
  • Flexibility – Leasing your equipment with HaaS gives you the flexibility to scale up or scale down your equipment/services. At the end of your term, you’re also able to extend your contract or purchase your equipment outright.
  • Maintenance & Support – This is one of the greatest benefits of working with an IT company / hardware provider. If something isn’t working like it’s supposed to, you have access to 24/7 maintenance and support which saves you money and reduces downtime.

Next Steps

You can take advantage of hardware as a service with infrastructure (iaas), hardware, operating systems and other software and warranty services for servers, desktops, laptops, routers, switches and firewalls.

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