LAN/WAN Integration

As your organization's systems grow and become more complex, Halski can help with setting up LAN (local area network) or share WAN advantages (wide area network) that can become a vital part of your business. Our network engineers have the knowledge and resources needed to meet all your local area network or wide area network needs.

Whether you require assistance setting up LAN or if you are just interested in WAN advantages for your business, Halski Systems’ experienced staff will work with you to integrate a solution that fits your unique needs.

Experienced Local Area Network Technicians

Each of our network engineers have a thorough knowledge of Windows NT, Windows 2000 and 2003 Server, Novell, Linux, and most major desktop operating systems. This in depth knowledge ensures a successful integration of your local area network.

Filling All Your Wide Area Network Needs

We have the resources to meet your wide area network needs as well. Over the years, we have successfully implemented Citrix, Virtual Private Networking Solutions, Cisco routers, T-1, Frame-Relay, MPLS, eVPN, ADSL, SDSL, ISDN, and dial-up connectivity. Halski Systems will keep your business communicating wherever you are located.

And combined with Halski's full IT review, we can help your business stay current with all communication trends. For more information on how Halski can help with setting up LAN, or provide information on WAN advantages, contact us today.