Denver Data Center

Denver Data Center

We provide you with a Tier III plus data storage solution in Denver, Colorado. Located in a low risk climate location, our Denver data center has taken additional precautions to minimize any risk to your data and systems.


  • 300,000 Square Foot capacity
  • 50,000 Square Foot raised-floor space
  • 65,000 Square Foot colocation space on slab
  • Encased within a 14” concrete foundation wall reinforced with #5 rebar and a thickened edge on 6” slab
  • Office space windows are bomb and bullet resistant


  • Three 24x7x365 on-site security, monitoring and customer support staff
  • Multiple layers of physical and logical security
  • Data center access controlled and monitored using security access cards and biometric fingerprint scanning
  • Activity monitoring cameras inside and outside the facility, digitally recording all events
  • Third party off-site security company monitoring facility entrance and exit points 24x7x365

Power and Cooling

  • Specifically engineered “green” data center operating at a higher efficiency and at higher density with a simplified approach to power and cooling management
  • Real-time controls of your client’s energy and cost performance at the per rack level, identifying triggers of energy consumption